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July 27 2013, 06:09AM

Stocks US Close

NEW YORK CITY, July 26 AFP - US stocks have rallied from intraday lows, picking up momentum after a dreary open and ending the day narrowly in the black.

At the closing bell on Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.22 (0.01 per cent) to 15,556.83. The Dow sank as low as 15,405.16 earlier in the session.

The broad-based S&P 500 finished 1.38 (0.08 per cent) higher at 1,691.63, while the Nasdaq Composite Index put on 7.98 (0.22 per cent) at 3,613.16.

Analysts said volume was low as is typical for a Friday in late July. The day was fairly light as far as economic news and corporate earnings results.

Friday's trade once again revealed the "resilience" of equity markets, said David Levy, a portfolio manager at Kenjol Capital Management.

"Buyers are buying the dip," Levy said, calling the dynamic a "very bullish" pattern.