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RBA worker accused of keeping dirty money

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January 31 2013, 2:00PM

A worker at a Reserve Bank note destruction plant says she became suspicious of a colleague after discovering three bags of notes that should have been destroyed.

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) manager Wayne Kevin Jackson, 52, is accused of attempting to dishonestly appropriate $47,550 belonging to the bank.

He is also charged with dealing with $300,000 suspected of being the proceeds of crime between May 2010 and May 2012.

Jackson is facing a committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

He worked in an area of the RBA that destroyed damaged currency.

Lee-Anne Jeal, who worked under Jackson, told the court she was looking in drawers in an office that was no longer being used when she found three tamper-proof packages of money that she had signed off as being destroyed.

The bags were supposed to have been destroyed 11 months earlier, she said.

Ms Jeal said the destruction of the bags had been signed off by three people - herself, Jackson and another woman.

She knew she was not responsible for the bags being in the drawer and also believed the other woman was not responsible.

The court heard one of Jackson's roles at the RBA was to place currency, such as that damaged in the 2011 Queensland floods, into a furnace to be destroyed.

The committal hearing is continuing.