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Citrus growers devastated by Qld floods

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January 30 2013, 10:35AM

Chief Executive of Citrus Australia Judith Damiani says there may be a shortage of Australian lemons in supermarkets for the start of the season in February.

About 50 per cent of Australia's lemons and 60 per cent of mandarins are produced in the Burnett region.

Ms Damiani said 40 farmers in the region say their packing sheds, irrigation systems, farm equipment and homes have been seriously damaged.

The damage bill will be higher than two years ago.

Ms Diamani says there is a risk trees could rot if the water takes too long to recede.

When it recedes, a picking frenzy is expected to start, but there are concerns soggy farms and road damage will delay their transport to supermarkets by two weeks.

Supermarkets are stocking United States lemons and Ms Damiani asked the supermarkets not to order more and instead wait for home grown produce.

"We're just asking consumers to bear with us," she told AAP.

"There may just be a slight delay ... once they're available, it's important people go and support Australian farmers."