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Greens call for Orica investigation

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January 27 2013, 4:08PM

All of Orica's facilities should be investigated after the NSW environmental regulator announced it would probe mercury emissions at one of the chemical company's former Sydney sites, the Greens say.

NSW Greens environment spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann said on Sunday that an independent Environment Protection Authority (EPA) review of mercury emissions at the company's former Port Botany site announced on Friday did not go far enough.

"The NSW Government must also now order a full audit with independent testing around of all Orica's facilities both current and former," Ms Faehrmann said in a statement.

"Given Orica's track record, there's every reason to believe their disregard for the safety of the community has been repeated elsewhere."

She said the "frightening saga" showed why government needed to crack down on industry to protect the community.

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker came under pressure to launch an investigation into Orica following a report by a mercury remediation expert who claims the company has never properly investigated off-site contamination from the former ChlorAlkali site.

Orica has said that the independent review announced by the EPA is a sensible step in addressing community concerns.