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Motoring group wants action in 2013

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December 31 2012, 11:12AM

Federal, state and local governments should make new commitments to road infrastructure and safety in 2013, South Australia's peak motoring group says.

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) said it had identified five key issues in SA, including delivery of the state's transport plan, improved infrastructure for cyclists, upgrades to the South Road corridor, duplication of the Dukes Highway to Victoria and changes to learner regulations.

RAA senior manager for road safety Charles Mountain said delivery of a state-wide transport plan was the most important.

"If South Australia were to have a comprehensive long-term plan in place, like many of the other states already do, we imagine there would be great benefits for all road users," Mr Mountain said in a statement on Monday.

"For example, public transport would be more reliable and efficient, which could reduce congestion."

The RAA also wants the state government to provide separate routes for motorists and cyclists, arguing that a white line painted on the road to create bike lanes is not good enough.

With a federal election due in 2013, the RAA will also continue to lobby for more commonwealth funds to duplicate the Dukes Highway linking South Australia with Victoria.

"We want to see road safety highlighted as a key election issue, especially on rural roads where more shoulder sealing, overtaking lanes, rest areas, barriers and the removal of roadside hazards are needed to keep people safe," Mr Mountain said.