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November 23 2012, 3:49PM

Australian Bureau of Statistics expect to release the following:

EXPECTED MONDAY---------------COMPANY MEETINGS:Anglo Aust Resources NL-AGM-63 Hay Street Subiaco WA-9.30amAntaria Ltd-AGM-Technology Park Function Centre Bentley WA-3pmAntipa Minerals Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-2pmAspire Mining Ltd-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-10amAudalia Resources Ltd-AGM-Crown Perth Burswood WA-11amAustex Oil Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Hotel Sydney NSW-11amAustralasian Resources Ltd-AGM-Rydges Hotel Perth WA-10.30amAXG Mining Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10.15amBaraka Energy-AGM-Royal Perth Golf Club Sth Perth WA-10.30amBlack Range Minerals Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-9amBluglass Ltd-AGM-L17/383 Kent Street Sydney NSW-1pmBrierty Ltd-AGM-21 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-3pmCallabonna Resources-AGM-L17/530 Collins St Melbourne VIC-10amCaspian Oil & Gas Ltd-AGM-L3/66 Hunter Street Sydney NSW-11amCCK Financial Solutions-AGM-12 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-3pmCervantes Corporation Ltd-AGM-Golf Club South Perth WA-1.30pmChallenger Ltd-AGM-220 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-10.30amCL Asset Holdings Ltd-AGM-2 Ernest Place Crows Nest NSW-10amClearview Wealth Ltd-AGM-Intercontinental Hotel Sydney NSW-10amCoalbank Ltd-AGM-L11/66 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-9amCore Services Group-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11amCVC Ltd-AGM-L42/259 George Street Sydney NSW-11.30amDraig Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-12noonEcho Resources Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-10amEntek Energy Ltd-AGM-15 Rheola Street West Perth WA-10amEumeralla Resources Ltd-AGM-8 Victoria Avenue Perth WA-9.30amEurogold Ltd-AGM-173 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-10.30amEuropean Gas Ltd-AGM-Stamford Plaza Hotel Brisbane QLD-3pmEzeatm Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-10amFirstfolio Ltd-AGM-Hilton Hotel Sydney NSW-10.30amFlexigroup Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Sydney NSW-3pmFox Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-3pmGeneration Healthcare REIT-AGM-Westin Hotel Melbourne VIC-10amGenesis Resources-AGM-L2/501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10amHaoma Mining NL-AGM-401 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-9.30amIDM International-AGM-L2/28 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-10amImmuron Ltd-AGM-L25/525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amIndopac Holdings Ltd-AGM-L29/31 Market Street Sydney NSW-2pmIntermoco Ltd-AGM-L6/530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-3pmIronbark Zinc Ltd-AGM-L2/250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amJaguar Minerals Ltd-AGM-703 Murray Street Perth WA-11amJV Global Ltd-AGM-Royal Perth Golf Club South Perth WA-2.30pmKalnorth Gold Mines Ltd-AGM-Sheraton on the Park Sydney NSW-10amMastermyne Group Ltd-AGM-45 River Street Mackay QLD-11amMidas Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-2pmMozambi Coal Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-10amNorthern Manganese Ltd-AGM-L2/100 Railway Road Subiaco WA-3pmOBJ Ltd-AGM-Patersons Stadium Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amOdin Energy Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-11amOklo Resources Ltd-AGM-Claremont Yacht Club Claremont WA-10amOldfields Holdings Ltd-AGM-20 Bond Street Sydney NSW-2.30pmOMI Holdings Ltd-AGM-L20/135 King Street Sydney NSW-3pmOtis Energy Ltd-AGM-Novotel Sydney Manly Pac Manly NSW-3.30pmOtto Energy Ltd-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-3pmPienetworks Ltd-AGM-173 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-11.30amPlatina Resources Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amPort Bouvard Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-11amPredictive Discovery-AGM-530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-2pmPromesa Ltd-AGM-L2/6 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-10.30amPura Vida Energy NL-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10amQuestus Ltd-AGM-105 Railway Road Subiaco WA-10amRongtai Int'l Grp-AGM-L30/113 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-1pmShaw River Manganese Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-2pmSihayo Gold Ltd-AGM-Zoo Conference Centre South Perth WA-12.30pmSouthern Hemisphere Mining-AGM-1185 West Georgia St CANADA-4pmSuccess Resources Global-AGM-66 Kings Park Rd West Perth WA-11amSun Biomedical Ltd-AGM-L20/135 King Street Sydney NSW-2pmSunland Group-AGM-Palazzo Versace Hotel Main Beach QLD-10.30amSVC Group Ltd-AGM-L8/55 Hunter Street Sydney NSW-10.30amSynergy Metals Ltd-AGM-L25/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amThomson Resources-AGM-L6/80 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW-2pmTuc Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-12.30pmVenturex Resources Ltd-AGM-216 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amVision Eye Institute-AGM-379 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC-12.30pmVolta Mining-AGM-Royal Perth Golf Club South Perth WA-11.30amWild Acre Metals Ltd-AGM-6 Richardson Street West Perth WA-10amXceed Resources Ltd-AGM-Holiday Inn Perth City Perth WA-10.30am


EXPECTED TUESDAY----------------COMPANY MEETINGS:Adelaide Resources Ltd-AGM-150 North Terrace Adelaide SA-11amAMA Group Ltd-AGM-1235 High Street Armadale VIC-10.30amAphrodite Gold Ltd-AGM-Stamford Plaza Hotel Melbourne VIC-11amArgo Exploration-AGM-L3/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10amAura Energy Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-10amAusgold Ltd-AGM-L8/2 The Esplanade Perth WA-2pmAusquest Ltd-AGM-South Perth Yacht Club Applecross WA-10amAust Natural Proteins-AGM-6 Powlett St East Melbourne VIC-11amAzimuth Resources Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-9amBass Strait Oil Company-AGM-501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amBirimian Gold Ltd-AGM-Holiday Inn Perth WA-2pmBrickworks Ltd-AGM-L2/252 George Street Sydney NSW-12noonBurleson Energy Ltd-AGM-L6/9 Barrack Street Sydney NSW-10amCerro Resources NL-AGM-L16/71 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amCohiba Minerals Ltd-AGM-34 Punt Road Melbourne VIC-2pmCTI Logistics Ltd-AGM-1 Drummond Place West Perth WA-5pmCuesta Coal Ltd-AGM-L18/225 George Street Sydney NSW-11amCullen Resources LTd-AGM-L4/60 Carrington Street Sydney NSW-10amDart Energy Ltd-AGM-Customs House Brisbane QLD-10amDolomatrix-AGM-L4/92 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-10amDragon Energy Ltd-AGM-1297 Hay Street West Perth WA-10amDrake Resources Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11amEbet Ltd-AGM-Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney NSW-11amEco Quest Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-11.30amEmmerson Resources Ltd-AGM-Peko Road Tennant Creek NT-4pmEmpire Resources Ltd-AGM-Subiaco Arts Centre Subiaco WA-10amEquatorial Resources Ltd-AGM-28 The Esplanade Perth WA-1pmErin Resources Ltd-AGM-L21/77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amEvolution Mining Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Sydney NSW-2.30pmFacilitate Digital Hold-241 Commonwealth St Surry Hills NSW-11amFirestrike Resources Ltd-AGM-226 Hay Street Subiaco WA-11.30amGenesis Minerals Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9.30amGenetic Technologies-AGM-11 Nicholson Street Carlton VIC-11amGlobal Construction Services-AGM-Crown Conv Ctr Perth WA-10.30amGolden West Resources Ltd-AGM-Crown Perth Hotel Burswood WA-3pmGoldphyre Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-2pmGreenearth Energy-AGM-L19/181 William Street Melbourne VIC-1pmGrowthpoint Properties-AGM-Stamford Plaza Hotel Brisbane QLD-3pmHarvey Norman Holdings-AGM-181 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW-11amHumanis Group Ltd-AGM-L31/1 O'Connell Street Sydney NSW-10.30amIntercontinental Coal-AGM-43 Outram Street West Perth WA-9.30amInvestigator Resources-AGM-L5/9 Sherwood Road Toowong QLD-11amIOOF Holdings-AGM-L23/120 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-9.30amKaboko Mining Ltd-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-2pmLakes Oil NL-AGM-L19/181 William Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amLincoln Minerals Ltd-AGM-28 Greenhill Road Wayville SA-11.30amLiontown Resources-AGM-L32/44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amLongreach Group-AGM-31 Market Street South Melbourne VIC-11.30amMantle Mining Corp-AGM-L12/60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-1pmMedivac Ltd-AGM-194 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-11amMint Wireless Ltd-AGM-58 Delhi Road North Ryde NSW-10amMRG Metals Ltd-AGM-L8/525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-3pmMusgrave Minerals Ltd-AGM-Mantra on Murray Perth WA-11amNeptune Marine Services-AGM-21 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-11.30amNucoal Resources Ltd-The Westin Sydney NSW-10amNupower Resources Ltd-AGM-L19/2 Market Street Sydney NSW-11amOncard Int'l-AGM-L21/140 William Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amOnthehouse Holdings Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Brisbane QLD-10amPadang Resources Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10.30amPro Pac Packaging Ltd-AGM-L9/33 Erskine Street Sydney NSW-11amQ Technology Grp-AGM-435 Williamstown Rd Port Melbourne VIC-2pmRed 5 Ltd-AGM-Duxton Hotel Perth WA-10amRed Mountain Mining-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-11amRefresh Group Ltd-AGM-17 Denninup Way Malaga WA-10amRegional Express Holdings Ltd-AGM-81 Baxter Road Mascot NSW-11amResolute Mining Ltd-AGM-28 The Esplanade Perth WA-10amResource Base Ltd-AGM-L3/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-1pmResources Star Ltd-AGM-L2/100 Railway Road Subiaco WA-11.30amRoyal Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-11amRubicor Group Ltd-AGM-L27/50 Bridge Street Sydney NSW-2.30pmRubik Financial Ltd-AGM-L21/321 Kent Street Sydney NSW-10amSandfire Resources NL-AGM-Fraser Avenue West Perth WA-2pmSFG Australia Ltd-AGM-L18/50 Bridge Street Sydney NSW-11amSlipa Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-4pmSpeewah Metals Ltd-AGM-L22/77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-8.30amSt George Mining Ltd-AGM-99 The Boulevard Floreat WA-1pmStrategic Energy Resources-AGM-600 Bourke St Melbourne VIC-11amSunbird Energy Ltd-AGM-50 Ord Street West Perth WA-2pmSyndicated Metals Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-2pmTerranova Minerals NL-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-3pmThor Mining Plc-AGM-30 Finsbury Square London UK-12noonTraffic Technologies-AGM-525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10amUranium Equities Ltd-AGM-L32/44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amWebfirm Group Ltd-AGM-L30/525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10amWentworth Holdings-AGM-L29/55 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-11amWilson HTM Investment-AGM-L26/1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW-12noonXstate Resources Ltd-AGM-L2/55 Carrington Street Nedlands WA-2pm


EXPECTED WEDNESDAY----------------COMPANY MEETINGS:Acer Energy Ltd-AGM-L13/215 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-2pmActinogen Ltd-AGM-The Goodearth Hotel Perth WA-9.30amAcuvax Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amAdeffective Ltd-AGM-L26/530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-3.30pmAllegiance Coal Ltd-AGM-Grace Hotel Sydney NSW-9.30amAnalytica Ltd-AGM-102 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-10amApac Coal Ltd-AGM-South Perth Yacht Club Applecross WA-3pmApex Minerals NL-AGM-10 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amArgonaut Resources NL-AGM-L9/341 George Street Sydney NSW-10amArk Mines Ltd-AGM-L10/1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW-11amArtist & Entertainment-AGM-131 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-3pmAruma Resources Ltd-AGM-18 Stirling Highway Nedlands WA-11amATW Holdings Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-3pmAusnico Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-11.30amAustbrokers Holdings-AGM-Intercontinental Hotel Sydney NSW-10amAustin Exploration Ltd-AGM-L5/207 Kent Street Sydney NSW-11amAutral Gold Ltd-AGM-L12/60 Carrington Street Sydney NSW-10amAustralian Leaders Fund Ltd-AGM-Wesley Centre Sydney NSW-3pmAustralian Oil Company Ltd-AGM-29 Bay Road Claremont WA-10amAustralian Vintage Ltd-AGM-66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW-3pmAxiom Properties Ltd-AGM-L3/25 Leigh Street Adelaide SA-3pmBecton Property Group-AGM-550 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10amBioprospect Ltd-AGM-L12/60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-10amBiotron Ltd-AGM-L3/66 Hunter Street Sydney NSW-11.30amBligh Mining Ltd-AGM-L6/66 Hunter Street Sydney NSW-11amBotswana Metals Ltd-AGM-310 Whitehorse Road Balwyn VIC-9amBrand New Vintage Ltd-AGM-179 Glenview Road Yarra Glen VIC-11amBuccaneer Energy Ltd-AGM-19 Martin Place Sydney NSW-11amCabcharge Australia Ltd-AGM-161 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW-11amCelsius Coal Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11.30amCGA Mining Ltd-AGM-28 The Esplanade Perth WA-10amChinalco Yunnan Copper-AGM-316 Adelaide St Brisbane QLD-9.30amCitigold Corporation-AGM-2 Flinders Street Townsville QLD-10amContinental Coal Ltd-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-2pmCorazon Mining Ltd-AGM-350 Hay Street Subiaco WA-10amDigital Performance Group-AGM-1 O'Connell Street Sydney NSW-1pmDiversa Ltd-AGM-L11/66 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amDragon Mountain Gold Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-11amEden Energy Ltd-AGM-L15/197 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10.30amEmpire Oil & Gas NL-AGM-Tawarri Reception Ctr Dalkeith WA-10amEntellect Ltd-AGM-L26/530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-11amEnterprise Metals Ltd-AGM-21 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-9amEpic Resources Ltd-AGM-108 Outram Street West Perth WA-10amFirestone Energy Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-11amFission Energy Ltd-AGM-L15/197 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-9amForge Resources Ltd-AGM-L24/56 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-10amGeneral Mining Corp-AGM-L2/50 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11amGondwana Resources-AGM-The Palms Community Ctr Subiaco WA-11amGrandbridge Ltd-AGM-14 View Street North Sydney NSW-10amGreen Rock Energy-AGM-L2/1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-2.30pmGreenvale Mining-AGM-L12/60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-12noonGulf Industrials Ltd-AGM-L34/50 Bridge Street Sydney NSW-11amGullewa Ltd-AGM-Grace Hotel Sydney NSW-12.30pmGunson Resources Ltd-AGM-L32/44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amHastings Rare Metals-AGM-L12/400 Margaret Street Sydney NSW-11amHealthlinx Ltd-AGM-576 Swan Street Richmond VIC-2pmIndochine Mining-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Hotel Sydney NSW-10.30amIndus Coal Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-10.30amInventis Ltd-AGM-L2/1 Box Road Caringbah NSW-10amIron Mountain Mining Ltd-AGM-The Goodearth Hotel Perth WA-2.30pmJetset Travelworld-AGM-60 Carrington Street Sydney NSW-11.30amJindalee Resources-AGM-L2/18 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-10amJumbuck Entertainment-AGM-501 Bourke St Melbourne VIC-11.30amK2 Asset Management-AGM-L32/101 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-9amK2 Energy Ltd-AGM-L21/25 Bligh Street Sydney NSW-11amKatana Capital Ltd-AGM-L36/2 The Esplanade Perth WA-4pmKillara Resources-AGM-L2/120 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10amKollakorn Corporation Ltd-AGM-3 Spring Street Sydney NSW-10amLatrobe Magnesium-AGM-L29/264 George Street Sydney NSW-10.30amMagnum Gas & Power Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1pmMalachite Resources Ltd-AGM-201 Sussex Street Sydney NSW-10.30amMec Resources Ltd-AGM-14 View Street North Perth WA-2pmMercantile Investment-AGM-L5/89 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-11amMinerals Corporation Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-1pmMoby Oil & Gas Ltd-AGM-L6/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amMount Magnet South NL-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-2pmMUI Corporation Ltd-AGM-L5/56 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-11amMutiny Gold Ltd-AGM-101 Oxford Street Leederville WA-11amNavigator Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9amNeo Resources Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-9.30amNew Age Exploration-AGM-501 Bourke Streeet Melbourne VIC-10amNickelore Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-10.30amNorthern Minerals Ltd-AGM-675 Murray Street West Perth WA-11amNRW Holdings Ltd-AGM-Duxton Hotel Perth WA-10amNuenergy Gas Ltd-AGM-L15/10 Shelley Street Sydney NSW-11amOctanex NL-AGM-L3/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10.15amOdyssey Energy Ltd-AGM-28 The Esplanade Perth WA-3pmOil Basins Ltd-AGM-L3/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amOroton Group Ltd-AGM-L10/201 Sussex Street Sydney NSW-11amOverland Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-9amOz Brewing Ltd-AGM-L24/44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-4pmPan Asia Corporation Ltd-AGM-Arts Centre Subiaco WA-10.30amParagon Care Ltd-AGM-L7/500 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-11amPeel Mining Ltd-AGM-The Vic Hotel Subiaco WA-2pmPeet Ltd-AGM-Parmelia Hilton Hotel Perth WA-10amPeninsula Energy Ltd-AGM-180 Hamersley Road Subiaco WA-11amPharmanet Group Ltd-AGM-Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amPLD Corporation Ltd-AGM-L5/137 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW-10amPrairie Downs Metals Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-1pmPrime Media Group Ltd-AGM-Hilton Hotel Sydney NSW-11.30amPulse Health-AGM-Stamford Plaza Airport Cntrl Mascot NSW-10.30amQuintessential Resources-AGM-66 Kings Park Rd West Perth WA-1pmRedhill Education Ltd-AGM-L2/3 Spring Street Sydney NSW-10amRed River Resources Ltd-AGM-The Goodearth Hotel Perth WA-11.30amResource Development Group-AGM-181 Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amRift Valley Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-2pmRubianna Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-8.30amRubicon Resources-AGM-L2/91 Havelock Street West Perth WA-1.30pmSedgman Ltd-AGM-Sebel Citigate Hotel Brisbane QLD-10amSegue Resources Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10amSeymour Whyte Ltd-AGM-L11/66 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amSheffield Resources-AGM-101 Oxford Street Leederville WA-1.30pmSiburan Resources Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Regency Perth WA-11amSilver City Minerals-AGM-80 Christie Street St Leonards NSW-3pmSouthern Crown Res-AGM-35 Richardson St West Perth WA-11.30amSovereign Metals Ltd-AGM-28 The Esplanade Perth WA-2pmSprintex Ltd-AGM-283 Rockeby Road Subiaco WA-4pmSterihealth Ltd-AGM-L15/485 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-2pmStonewall Resources-AGM-530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-12noonStructural Monitoring Systems-AGM-510 Thomson Road S'PORE-10amToro Energy Ltd-AGM-Crowne Plaza Hotel Adelaide SA-10amTZ Ltd-AGM-The Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney NSW-10amUnited Orogen Ltd-AGM-The Goodearth Hotel Perth WA-4pmVector Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perht WA-10amWAM Active Ltd-AGM-Wesley Conference Centre Sydney NSW-9.45amWAM Capital Ltd-AGM-Wesley Conference Centre Sydney NSW-11amWAM Research Ltd-AGM-Wesley Conference Centre Sydney NSW-1.15pmWildhorse Energy Ltd-AGM-L21/77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-2pmWorld Reach Ltd-AGM-8 Anzed Court Mulgrave VIC-10amXTEK Ltd-AGM-Canberra Biz Event Centre Acton ACT-12noon

AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS:Sydney - Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) construction work done, September quarter.

EXPECTED THURSDAY-----------------COMPANY MEETINGS:1300 Smiles Ltd-AGM-105 Denham Street Townsville QLD-10am3D Resources Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-4pmAACL Holdings Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-9.30amAccent Resources NL-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-12.30pmAdvanced Surgical Des-AGM-12 Frederick St St Leonards NSW-11amAircruising Australia-AGM-77 Bourke Road Alexandria NSW-11.30amAlgae Tec Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-11amAlloy Resources-AGM-South Perth Yacht Club Applecross WA-10amAltium Ltd-AGM/EGM-L2/3 Spring Street Sydney NSW-3pmAnaeco Ltd-AGM-3 Turner Avenue Bentley WA-10amArtemis Resources-AGM-L12/60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-11amAtlantic Ltd-AGM-L2/250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amAustralian Pacific Coal-AGM-Stamford Plaza Brisbane QLD-1.30pmAustralian Renewable Fuels-AGM-600 Bourke St Melbourne VIC-11amAvita Medical Ltd-AGM-250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-12noonAvonlea Minerals Ltd-AGM-181 Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amBannon Ltd-AGM-945 Wellington Street West Perth WA-10.30amBase Resources Ltd-AGM-1 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-1.15pmBBX Minerals Ltd-AGM-L33/52 Martin Place Sydney NSW-11amBeacon Minerals Ltd-AGM-44 Brookman Street Kalgoorlie WA-2pmBerkeley Resources Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-3pmBHP Billiton Ltd-AGM-Convention Centre Sydney NSW-10.30amBioxyne Ltd-AGM-33 Erskine Street Sydney NSW-2.30pmBoadicea Resources Ltd-AGM-Rosstown Hotel Carnegie VIC-11amBone Medical Ltd-AGM-L3/46 Ord Street West Perth WA-6.30pmBowen Energy Ltd-AGM-L7/10 Barrack Street Sydney NSW-11amBPH Energy Ltd-AGM-14 View Street North Perth WA-10amBroken Hill Prospecting-AGM-52 Phillip Street Sydney NSW-11amBurey Gold Ltd-AGM-Rydges Perth WA-3pmCanyon Resources Ltd-AGM-The Vic Hotel Subiaco WA-11amCapital Mining Ltd-AGM-89 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-11amCarbon Polymers Ltd-AGM-150 Woodpark Road Smithfield NSW-1pmCardia Bioplastics Ltd-AGM-310 Whitehorse Road Balwyn VIC-9amCarnavale Resources Ltd-AGM-Rydges Perth WA-11amCentral Petroleum Ltd-AGM-56 Jephson Street Toowong QLD-10amCentrepoint Alliance-AGM-L11/66 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amCoal Fe Resources Ltd-AGM-Wembley Hotel Wembley WA-11amCoal of Africa Ltd-AGM-L8/131 Finsbury Pavement London UK-10amCockatoo Coal Ltd-AGM-L4/33 Erskine Street Sydney NSW-11amConventry Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-9amCougar Metals NL-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1.30pmCSG Ltd-AGM-L21/140 William Street Melbourne VIC-1pmCudeco Ltd-AGM-43 Scarr Street Cloncurry QLD-10.30amCWH Resources Ltd-AGM-L4/60 Carrington Street Sydney NSW-10amDampier Gold Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-8.30amDelecta Ltd-AGM-9 Foundry Street Perth WA-9amDGR Global Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-3pmEast Energy Resources-AGM-12 Kings Park Rd West Perth WA-8.45amEllex Medical Lasers Ltd-AGM-82 Gilbert Street Adelaide SA-2pmEmergent Resources-AGM-South Perth Yacht Club Applecross WA-1pmEmpired Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10amEnergia Minerals Ltd-AGM-L2/20 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-3pmEnvironmental Clean Tech-AGM-485 Bourke St Melbourne VIC-11amErongo Energy Ltd-AGM-Rydges Perth WA-1pmExcelsior Gold-AGM-124 Stirling Highway North Fremantle WA-2pmExoma Energy Ltd-AGM-L5/40 Creek Street Brisbane QLD-10amExterra Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-11amFairstar Resources Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Hotel Perth WA-2pmForest Place Group Ltd-AGM-469 Sandgate Road Albion QLD-3pmForte Consolidated Ltd-AGM-213 Balcatta Road Balcatta WA-11.30amFrankland River Olive-AGM-1 McDowell Street Welshpool WA-9amGeodynamics Ltd-AGM-Marriott Hotel Brisbane QLD-6pmGLG Corp Ltd-AGM-L40/100 Miller Street North Sydney NSW-11amGlobal Health Ltd-AGM-Medina Hotel Melbourne VIC-2.30pmGlobe Metals & Mining-AGM-Medina Grand Hotel Perth WA-10.30amGlobal Resources Corp-AGM-L21/111 Eagle St Brisbane QLD-10.30amGulf Mines Ltd-AGM-18 Lyall Street South Perth WA-2.30pmHampton Hill Mining-AGM-L2/9 Havelock Street West Perth WA-11amHill End Gold Ltd-AGM-3 Spring Street Sydney NSW-3.30pmHot Rock Ltd-AGM-L5/10 Market Street Brisbane QLD-3pmHydrotech International Ltd-AGM-5 Ord Street West Perth WA-11amIcon Energy Ltd-AGM-Southport Yacht Club Gold Coast QLD-11amImpact Minerals Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11.30amIntegrated Legal Holdings-AGM-40 The Esplanade Perth WA-10.30amIntermin Resources Ltd-AGM-L8/2 The Esplanade Perth WA-12noonInvictus Gold Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-10amJameson Resources Ltd-AGM-L2/79 Hay Street Subiaco WA-11amJervois Mining Ltd-AGM-The Buckingham Int'l Highett VIC-11amKairiki Energy Ltd-AGM-33 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-10amKalgoorlie Mining Company Ltd-AGM-Subiaco Road Subiaco WA-12noonKidman Resources Ltd-AGM-L3/600 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amKimberley Rare Earths-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-10amLemarne Corporation-AGM-181 Fitzroy Street St Kilda VIC-10.30amLinc Energy Ltd-AGM-Convention & Exhib Centre Brisbane QLD-3pmMagnotec Ltd-AGM-Grace Hotel Sydney NSW-10amMagnetic Resources NL-AGM-L2/16 Ord Street West Perth WA-2pmMarenica Energy Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1pmMesoblast Ltd-AGM-L25/525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-2.30pmMetaliko Resources Ltd-AGM-L8/2 The Esplanade Perth WA-10.45amMeteoric Resources NL-AGM-L2/16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amMHM Metals-AGM-451 Little Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amMinemakers Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-10amMining Projects Group Ltd-AGM-1233 High Street Armadale VIC-10amMithril Resources Ltd-AGM-169 Fullarton Road Dulwich SA-10amModun Resources Ltd-AGM-245 Churchill Avenue Subiaco WA-2pmMoko Mobi Ltd-AGM-L10/1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW-1pmMooter Media Ltd-GEN-11 Help Street Chatswood NSW-11amMurchison Metals Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9.30amNemex Resources Ltd-AGM-Rydges Perth WA-9.30amNavaho Gold Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-11amNevada Iron Ltd-AGM-57 Havelock Street West Perth WA-10amNewsat Ltd-AGM-The Westin Melbourne VIC-10amNorwest Energy NL-AGM-Holiday Inn City Ctr Perth WA-11.30amOrrex Resources Ltd-AGM-1 Walker Avenue West Perth WA-10amPacific Ore Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-2pmPacific Star Network Ltd-AGM-473 Swan Street Richmond VIC-9.30amPapyrus Australia Ltd-AGM-67 Greenhill Road Wayville SA-2pmPelican Resources Ltd-AGM-Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amPhoenix Gold Ltd-AGM-44 Brookman Street Kalgoorlie WA-10amPlatsearch NL-AGM-80 Christie Street St Leonards NSW-4pmPluton Resources Ltd-AGM-The Westin Hotel Melbourne VIC-10.30amProgen Pharmaceuticals-AGM-320 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-11amPTO Consolidated Ltd-AGM-108 Outram Street West Perth WA-10amQuest Petroleum NL-AGM-180 Hamersley Road Subiaco WA-11amRamelius Resources Ltd-AGM-136 Greenhill Road Unley SA-11amRange Resources Ltd-AGM-University Club of WA Crawley WA-2pmRectifier Technologies-AGM-215 Spring St Melbourne VIC-10.30amRed Gum Resources Ltd-AGM-194 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-11.30amRedhill Education Ltd-AGM-L2/3 Spring Street Sydney NSW-10amRedisland Australia-AGM-The Sandringham Club Sandringham VIC-2pmRedstone Resources Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-2.30pmReed Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1pmRegal Resources Ltd-AGM-L14/31 Queen Street Melbourne VIC-11amResource Equipment Ltd-AGM-Holiday Inn Hotel Perth WA-9amRum Jungle Resources-AGM-500 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-11amRuralaus Investments Ltd-AGM-Nelson Crescent East Perth WA-11amSeek Ltd-AGM-Crown Melbourne Southbank VIC-3pmShree Minerals Ltd-AGM-L29/221 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amSierra Mining Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-1pmSinovus Mining Ltd-AGM-L5/207 Kent Street Sydney NSW-9.30amSolco Ltd-AGM-45 Plaistowe Mews West Perth WA-3pmStanmore Coal Ltd-AGM-Brisbane Polo Club Brisbane QLD-10amStokes Australasia-AGM-L12/15 William Street Melbourne VIC-10amStonehenge Metals Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-1pmStraits Resources-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-10.30amStratatel Ltd-AGM-Amora Hotel Sydney NSW-10amStrategic Elements-AGM-18 Stirling Highway Nedlands WA-10.30amStructural Systems-AGM-Royal Perth Yacht Club Crawley WA-10.30amSundance Energy Australia-AGM-25 Grenfell St Adelaide SA-10amSymex Holdings Ltd-AGM-L23/525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-9amTakoradi Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Hotel Sydney NSW-10amTarget Energy Ltd-AGM-21 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11amTasman Resources Ltd-AGM-L15/197 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-9amTidewater Investments-AGM-126 Phillip Street Sydney NSW-11amTimpetra Resources-AGM-L11/151 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-11amTPL Corporation Ltd-AGM-245 Churchill Avenue Subiaco WA-10amTranserv Energy Ltd-AGM-1292 Hay Street West Perth WA-1pmTransmetro Corporation-AGM-L3/330 Wattle Street Ultimo NSW-10amTroy Resources Ltd-AGM-L2/501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10amUnilife Corp-AGM-111 East 48th Street New York USA-8amVDM Group Ltd-AGM-350 Cambridge Street Wembley WA-11amWaratah Resources Ltd-AGM-L10/1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW-10amWCP Resources Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-11amWestern Desert Resources-AGM-Rydges South Park Adelaide SA-9amWhite Rock Minerals-AGM-181 William Street Melbourne VIC-10amZamanco Minerals Ltd-AGM-168 Stirling Highway Nedlands WA-11amZamia Metals Ltd-AGM-L29/31 Market Street Sydney NSW-11amZYL Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10am

AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS:Sydney - ABS private new capital expenditure and expected expenditure, June quarter 2012.

EXPECTED FRIDAY---------------COMPANY MEETINGS:AAQ Holdings Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-3pmAdavale Resources Ltd-AGM-L33/52 Martin Place Sydney NSW-10amAdcorp Australia Ltd-AGM-7 Kelly Street Ultimo NSW-11amAgri Energy Ltd-AGM-33 Ord Street West Perth WA-12noonAguia Resources-AGM-L10/131 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-11.30amAJ Lucas Group-AGM-L3/394 Lane Cove Road Macquarie Park NSW-10amAlara Resources Ltd-AGM-L14/221 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amAleator Energy Ltd-AGM-12 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-9amAlexium Int'l Group-AGM-85 Forrest Street Cottesloe WA-10amAlligator Energy Ltd-AGM-320 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-10amAllmine Group Ltd-AGM-630 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC-11amAltius Mining Ltd-AGM-L26/530 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-2pmAmadeus Energy Ltd-AGM-Somerset Hotel Perth WA-10amAnatolia Energy Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9amApa Financial Services-AGM-41 Edward Street Brisbane QLD-9.30amApollo Minerals Ltd-AGM-L12/400 George Street Sydney NSW-3pmAquarius Platinum Ltd-AGM-2 Church Street Hamilton QLD-9amAquila Resources Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Regency Perth WA-10amArafura Resources Ltd-AGM-Duxton Hotel Perth WA-10amArgentina Mining Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-10amArmour Energy Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-11amASF Group Ltd-AGM-61 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW-10.30amASG Group Ltd-AGM-38 Station Street Subiaco WA-10.30amAstro Resources NL-AGM-3 Richardson Street West Perth WA-10amAstivita Renewables-AGM-33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace QLD-3.30pmAthena Resources Ltd-AGM-Perth Flying Squadron Dalkeith WA-11amAtrum Coal NL-AGM-1176 Hay Street Perth WA-11amAttila Resources Ltd-AGM-513 Hay Street Subiaco WA-9amAusmon Resources Ltd-AGM-L15/370 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-11.30amAustal Ltd-AGM-Fremantle Sailing Club Fremantle WA-3pmAustralian American Mining-AGM-105 St Georges Tce Perth WA-10amAUV Enterprises Ltd-AGM-L29/66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW-10amBauxite Resources-AGM-355 Scarborough Beach Osborne Pk WA-12noonBisan Ltd-AGM-Bayview Eden Melbourne VIC-10.15amBlackham Resources-AGM-38 Richardson Street West perth WA-9.30amBlackthorn Resources-AGM-L4/60 Carrington Street Sydney NSW-11amBlackwood Corporation-AGM-241 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-9amBlina Minerals-AGM-L4/66 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11.30amBora Bora Resources-AGM-L14/275 George Street Sydney NSW-11amBoss Resources Ltd-GEN-513 Hay Street Subiaco WA-11amBrighton Mining Group-AGM-18 Lyall Street South Perth WA-10amBroad Investments-AGM-L15/1 O'Connell Street Sydney NSW-10.30amBuru Energy Ltd-AGM-L2/250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amByte Power Group Ltd-AGM-L7/1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-3pmCarpentaria Exploration-AGM-175 Elizabeth St Brisbane QLD-10amChalice Gold MInes Ltd-AGM-L2/1292 Hay Street West Perth WA-9amClover Corporation Ltd-AGM-Wesley Conference Ctr Sydney NSW-11amCMA Corporation Ltd-AGM-Four Points Sheraton Sydney NSW-11amCMI Ltd-AGM-Brisbane Riverview Hotel Hamilton QLD-10amCoalspur Mines Ltd-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-2pmCondor Blanco Mines Ltd-AGM-L19/109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-11amConsegna Group Ltd-AGM-L29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW-10amCoziron Resources Ltd-AGM-L24/44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-9amCredo Resources Ltd-AGM-61 Townshend Road Subiaco WA-4.30pmDiploma Group Ltd-AGM-10 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA-10amDouradao Resources-AGM-L2/100 Railway Road Subiaco WA-12.30pmDyesol Ltd-AGM-3 Dominion Place Queanbeyan QLD-10amEagle Nickel Ltd-AGM-L9/341 George Street Sydney NSW-10amEast Africa Resources-AGM-Holiday Inn City Ctr Perth WA-9.30amEastland Medical Systems-AGM-The Boulevard Centre Floreat WA-9amEclipse Metals Ltd-AGM-L2/100 Railway Road Subiaco WA-11.30amElixir Petroleum Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10amElk Petroleum Ltd-AGM-1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW-10amEmu Nickel NL-AGM-L2/16 Ord Street West Perth WA-1pmEncounter Resources Ltd-AGM-6 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amEndocoal Ltd-AGM-L37/2 Park Street Sydney NSw-11amEnergio Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-2pmEnergy & Minerals Aust-AGM-44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amEnviromission Ltd-AGM-401 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amEureka Group Holdings Ltd-AGM-22 Market Street Brisbane QLD-10amEVZ Ltd-AGM-401 Collins Street Melbourne VIC-10amExalt Resources Ltd-AGM-77 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-10.30amExcalibur Mining Corp Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-4pmExcela Ltd-AGM-L21/333 Ann Street Brisbane QLD-11amExco Resources Ltd-AGM-8 Colin Street West Perth WA-2.30pmFerrum Crescent Ltd-AGM-The Boulevard Centre Floreat WA-3pmFKP Ltd-AGM-Convention & Exhibition Centre Brisbane QLD-10amFlat Glass Industries-AGM-L44/1 Macquarie Place Sydney NSW-10amFocus Minerals Ltd-AGM-Duxton Hotel Perth WA-10amForte Energy NL-AGM-L3/107 Cheapside London UK-8.30amFortis Mining Ltd-AGM-L15/485 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-2.30pmFrontier Resources-AGM-L2/250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amFYI Resources Ltd-AGM-The Vic Hotel Subiaco WA-10amGateway Mining Ltd-AGM-Wesley Conference Ctr Sydney NSW-2pmGB Energy Ltd-AGM-26 Eastbrook Terrace East Perth WA-9amGBM Gold Ltd-AGM-2H Thistle Street Bendigo VIC-11amGladiator Resources Ltd-AGM-Roberts Road Subiaco WA-10amGlobal Metals Exploration-AGM-108 St Georges Tce Perth WA-1pmGoconnect Ltd-AGM-107 High Street Prahran VIC-4pmGolden Deeps Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-11.30amGrand Gulf Energy-AGM-L21/77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amGreat Western Exploration-AGM-1176 Hay Street West Perth WA-10amGR Engineering Serv-AGM-220 Great Eastern Hwy Riverdale-10amGuildford Coal Ltd-AGM-28 Honeysuckle Drive Newcastle NSW-10amHazelwood Resources Ltd-AGM-22 Truganina Road Malaga WA-2pmHughes Drilling Ltd-AGM-L23/123 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-10amIkwezi Mining Ltd-AGM-Shandrani Resort Blue Bay MAURITIUS-11amIM Medical Ltd-AGM-270 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC-11amImage Resources NL-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amImugene Ltd-AGM-L29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW-11amInca Minerals Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth WA-11amInternational Equities Corp-AGM-348 St Kilda Road Melb VIC-10amInvestorfirst Ltd-AGM-L45/1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW-11amIshine Int'l Resources-AGM-1187 Hay Street West Perth WA-10.30amJacka Resources Ltd-AGM-L45/108 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amJatenergy Ltd-AGM-L17/383 Kent Street Sydney NSW-11amKey Petroleum Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-10amKinetiko Energy Ltd-AGM-283 Rockeby Road Subiaco WA-11.30amKorab Resources Ltd-AGM-BGC Centre Perth WA-5.30pmKrucible Metals Ltd-AGM-L5/307 Queen Street Brisbane QLD-10.30amLaconia Resources Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-1.30pmLatin Gold Ltd-AGM-103 Abernethy Road Belmont WA-11amLatin Resources Ltd-AGM-173 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA-9amLawson Gold Ltd-AGM-60 Hindmarsh Square Adelaide SA-10amLemarne Corporation-AGM-181 Fitzroy Street St Kilda VIC-11.30amLeopard Resources NL-AGM-101 Oxford Street Leederville WA-10amLeyshon Resources Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth WA-10amMamba Minerals Ltd-AGM-3 Richardson Street West Perth WA-12noonMatrix Metals Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-10amMatsa Resources Ltd-AGM-139 Newcastle Street Perth WA-10amMCM Entertainment Group-AGM-21 Goodwood Street Richmond VIC-10amMDS Financial Group Ltd-AGM-L14/1 Alfred Street Sydney NSW-11amMedigard Ltd-AGM-The Southport Yacht Club Main Beach QLD-9amMerah Resources Ltd-AGM-L2/79 Hay Street Subiaco WA-12noonMesa Minerals Ltd-AGM-1 Sleat Road Applecross WA-9amMetals Bank Ltd-AGM-L12/60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW-11amMetals Australia Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9amMGM Wireless Ltd-AGM-501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amMiddle Island Resources-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-4pmMindax Ltd-AGM-112 Melville Parade Como WA-10.30amMinera Gold Ltd-AGM-45 Ventnor Avenue West Perth WA-10.30amMinrex Resources NL-AGM-130 Hay Street Subiaco WA-10amMobilarm Ltd-AGM-38 Guthrie Street Perth WA-10amMobile Embrace Ltd-AGM-L2/90 William Street Sydney NSW-10amMonteray Mining Group Ltd-L3/115 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-2pmMontezuma Mining Company-AGM-21 Kings Park Rd West Perth WA-9amMonto Minerals Ltd-AGM-33 Ord Street West Perth WA- 9amMurchison Holdings-AGM-L2/11 Queens Road Melbourne VIC-3.30pmNavarre Minerals Ltd-AGM-501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-11amNewera Resources Ltd-AGM-8 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-9amNew Horizon Coal Ltd-AGM-33 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amNextdc Ltd-AGM-L29/123 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-2pmNoble Mineral Resources Ltd-AGM-Hyatt Regency Perth WA-11amNorthern Star Resources-AGM-Royal Golf Club South Perth WA-3pmNorthwest Resources Ltd-AGM-201 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW-10amNSL Consolidated Ltd-AGM-21 Teddington Road Burswood WA-10.30amNusep Holdings Ltd-AGM-324 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove NSW-10amOrocobre Ltd-AGM-320 Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD-10amOroya Mining Ltd-AGM-72 Canning Highway Victoria Park WA-11amOtoc Ltd-AGM-South of Perth Yacht Club Applecross WA-10amPacific Energy Ltd-AGM-Pan Pacific Perth Hotel Perth WA-10amPancontinental Oil&Gas-AGM-Holiday Inn City Ctr Perth WA-2.30pmPanorama Synergy Ltd-AGM-101 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-11amParamount Mining Corp-AGM-Victoria Park Dr Burswood WA-10.30amPeak Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-9.30amPegasus Metals Ltd-AGM-Royal Golf Club South Perth WA-11amPilbara Minerals Ltd-AGM-167 Kent Street Sydney NSW-11amPlan B Group Holdings-AGM-152 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-9.30amPlileo Australia Ltd-AGM-L14/303 Collins St Melbourne VIC-12noonPrimary Health Care Ltd-AGM-Sofitel Wentworth Sydney NSW-11amProspect Resources Ltd-AGM-245 Churchill Avenue Subiaco WA-10amProsperity Resources-AGM-Victoria Park Drive Burswood WA-9.30amProto Resources & Invest-AGM-108 St Georges Tce Perth WA-12noonQanda Technology-AGM-L13/181 Miller Street Nth Sydney NSW-11amQueensland Bauxite-AGM-L14/278 George Street Sydney NSW-11.30amQueensland Mining Corp-AGM-19 Martin Place Sydney NSW-12noonQuest Investments Ltd-AGM-L2/11 Queens Road Melbourne VIC-2.30pmQuickflix Ltd-AGM-L32/1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW-11amRaisama Energy Ltd-AGM-16 Ord Street West Perth WA-10amRam Resources Ltd-AGM-3 Richardson Street West Perth WA-9amRand Mining Ltd-AGM-316 Hannan Street Kalgoorlie WA-9.30amRedflow Ltd-AGM-Jindalee Hotel Jindalee QLD-10.30amRed Hill Iron Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-3pmRed October Resources Ltd-AGM-The Melbourne Hotel Perth WA-1pmRenaissance Uranium Ltd-AGM-136 Greenhill Road Unley SA-2pmRenison Consolidated Mines-AGM-1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD-9amRetail Food Group Ltd-AGM-RFG Headquarters Southport QLD-2pmRico Resources ltd-AGm-L15/1 O'Connell Street Sydney NSW-11.15amRKS Consolidated Ltd-AGM-L29/66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW-11amRMG Ltd-AGM-61 Townshend Road Subiaco WA-4pmSabina Corporation Ltd-AGM-Polo Club Brisbane QLD-11.30amSabre Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-10.30amSherwin Iron Ltd-AGM-4 Shepherd Street Darwin NT-12noonSoil Sub Technologies-AGM-6 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-11amSolimar Energy-AGM-566 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC-10.30amSouth Boulder Mines-AGM-21 Kings Park Road West Perth WA-12noonSprint Energy Ltd-AGM-1186 Hay Street West Perth WA-10amStarpharma Holdings-AGM-L15/485 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC-10amStratos Resources-AGM-981 Wellington Street West Perth WA-10amSundance Resources Ltd-AGM-Conv & Exhib Centre Perth WA-10amSunseeker Minerals-AGM-33 Richardson Street West Perth WA-9.30amSynergy Plus Ltd-AGM-L5/56 Pitt Street Sydney NSW-2pmTamawood Ltd-AGM-33 Caxton Street Petrie Terrace QLD-4.30pmTaruga Gold Ltd-AGM-Perth Flying Squadron Dalkeith WA-11.30amTraka Resources Ltd-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1pmTransol Corporation-AGM-L14/31 Queen Street Melbourne VIC-11amTriangle Energy Ltd-AGM-Royal Freshwater Bay WA-10amTribune Resources Ltd-AGM-316 Hannan Street Kalgoorlie WA-9amTW Holdings Ltd-AGM-169 Fullarton Road Dulwich SA-9amVerus Investments-AGM-L21/77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-8.30amVictory West Metals Ltd-AGM-180 Hamersley Road Subiaco WA-2pmVortex Pipes Ltd-AGM-110 Inspiration Drive Wangara WA-4.30pmWAG Ltd-AGM-33 Ord Street West Perth WA-11amWestern Manganese-AGM-L45/108 St Georges Terrace Perth WA-10amWest Peak Iron Ltd-AGM-330 Churchill Avenue Subiaco WA-10amWorld Net Services-AGM-L2/111 Harrington Street Sydney NSW-11amWorld Oil Resources Ltd-AGM-Bayview Eden Melbourne VIC-11amWorld Titanium Resources-AGM-The Celtic Club West Perth WA-1pmYellow Rock Resources-AGM-412 Newcastle St West Perth WA-10am


EXPECTED SATURDAY-----------------COMPANY MEETINGS:Nothing to report.


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