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Almost 700 NSW RailCorp jobs to go

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November 16 2012, 12:58AM

Almost 700 extra RailCorp jobs will be axed under a NSW government plan to reform the train network.

NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian revealed further details on Friday of how the rail network will be streamlined under its Fixing the Trains program.

The cuts mean 450 of the state's 4700 maintenance workers will lose their jobs over the next three years.

The new organisation structure will also result in 240 middle management jobs being cut by July 1, 2013. These are in addition to the 750 job cuts announced by the government in May.

The restructure will mean the abolition of station managers, with the role to be replaced by station customer managers responsible for overseeing a number of locations.

Ms Berejiklian said there would be no reduction in the overall number of station positions, although staff numbers at individual locations could fluctuate.

"The overall number of station staff remains the same. We have 1860 now, we'll have 1860 after July 1," Ms Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

The changes will mean station staff will undergo training to improve their customer services skills, Ms Berejiklian said.

"I want to make sure every time a customer goes to a railway station, all the staff are out there on a platform, not forced to be behind a desk," she said.

The reform program announced in May will split RailCorp into two separate bodies - Sydney trains and NSW trains - on July 1.