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We’re working towards improving the Tradingroom site in the near future. In the meantime, you now have a few options for accessing your portfolio’s and the latest market information. Access to TradingRoom's portfolio and watchlist tools is free.

Shares Portfolio
TradingRoom's Share Portfolio provides an immediate snapshot of your shareholdings, market versus purchase price, and your net holdings. You can create multiple portfolios, and access the latest stock prices, and relevant company and market information.
Managed Funds Portfolio
Monitor your managed fund investments via TradingRoom's Fund Portfolio. Data from Morningstar (Australia's leading managed fund research house) shows the unit price for each of your funds, updated daily. The portfolio also helps you calculate your net profit/loss.
Assets Portfolio
This tool allows you to track any other assets (such as cash and property) and liabilities (such as credit card debt and mortgages)
Portfolio Summary (Net Worth)
This tool summarises all of your portfolios: shares, managed funds, and assets and liabilities. It is your personal balance sheet to help you track your performance on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to a daily email update of your portfolio summary and Fairfax News headlines.
Shares Watchlist
The Share Watchlist allows you to select and monitor stocks of interest to you. TradingRoom will also show you to new ASX company announcements on the stocks you have selected.
Managed Funds Watchlist
The Managed Fund Watchlist enables you to track the performance of the managed funds that you are interested in.


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